My name is Tigger, I am a 10 year old boy and I am a golden retriever.  We moved to Dallas, Texas in August and my two sisters and I really like it here and I have gotten better…

Let me tell you about it; you see my back legs wouldn’t work real well.  So, I had to wear a dumb “help em up” harness all of the time and I would have to bark to have a human family member or friend pick me up with the harness handles to walk to just to get water or to get up the steps (I could get down the steps by falling; and it hurt, so the humans wouldn’t let me go upstairs anymore).

I started going to do something called therapy every Tuesday at Dr. Barton’s, Heal Animal Hospital.  She is nice but sticks me with needles and hooks wires to them that make me tingle, and something called cold laser.  Then, I have fun with my new friend, Patrick who gives me a lot of good treats, and he lets me play on a big beach ball and then I get to swim and run in this thing they call a water treadmill.  Everyone at Heal is very nice!!!

Then every Wednesday, a nice lady named Jackie from Canine Pawsitive Touch comes to my house and gives me a massage and moves my legs around a lot, and she does something called Reiki… I don’t know why, but when she does all that stuff it makes me feel better!!!

Every other Wednesday my new buddy Shane from Pretty Pets comes to my house in a van with a bathtub in it; Cool Huh!!!  Shane gives me a bath and dries, combs and cuts my hair and gives me something I’ve heard the humans around me call a mani/pedi.

I have to hurry and get off the computer soon, dinner time… However, with all that said, I think that all of this stuff is why I am feeling better and the COOOOOLEST thing about me moving to Dallas is that I don’t have to wear that dumb harness all of the time anymore, only when I take a ride in the car.  AND, I can get UP now without any human help and I can even run up stairs again.  I DON’T fall down the stairs when I come down them anymore!!!

I should probably tell you my big sister’s name is Gabby, she is a golden also.  She’s ok but she barks a lot, I guess that’s why she’s called Gabby.  And, my younger sister is a Lab, her name is Ashley.  She’s a pain sometimes, especially now that I can play with toys and tennis balls again.  She got used to playing with ALL of the toys by herself.  Well, now that I feel good again, we play tug of war a lot (I even let her win sometimes)!!!

OH; here is a picture that we had taken of us for Christmas.  I am the biggest and cutest one in the middle, Gabby is on my right and Ashley is on my left.  See how HAPPY we are in Dallas; Told You!!!

Bye, I got to run, DINNER!!!