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Score one point for you – the area you were drawn to on Swift’s back seems to be the problem. Not clear what is wrong still. Specialist suggested keeping her quiet and seeing if it will slowly get better. Also making appt with neurologist for possible steroid injection in back. She’s looking forward to her massage on Friday if you can still make it. 


Misha – 9 year old Rottweiler

I thought this would be fantastic for my 9 year old Rottweiler who had to have her back leg amputated in April due to osteosarcoma.  Jackie did an incredible job and I have never seen my baby girl so relaxed!  She loved every second of her massage and I loved seeing her so content and happy.  I am so thankful to have found Jackie and I am so grateful to her for giving my sweet girl some much needed relief and relaxation.  Thank you Jackie!

Joy Matthiesen

Rocky – 9 year old Boxer/Lab

Rocky was diagnosed with a tear in his knee (too much rough housing with the new puppy).  My vet suggested surgery.  I kept him as quiet as possible for the next month which made him very anxious and irritable.  Jackie combined massage and Reiki 2-3 times a week.  Not only did he calm right down, his knee healed faster than anticipated, and he didn’t need the surgery.


Goliath – 8 year old Brindle Boxer

Goliath had surgery on his right rear foot to remove a very large tumor.  Jackie came to the house once a week for a session that combined Reiki and massage.  Goliath got a complete massage with concentration on his injured leg.  After the sessions he was way more relaxed and his stiffness was greatly improved.  He was able to have the bandages removed about two weeks ahead of what the vet had originally estimated.


Bearly – 5 year old Golden Retriever

My Golden Retriever, Bearly, got a bit too active roughhousing with his big brother Moose and ended up with a strained hip.  Jackie made a house call within a few days of seeing our vet, giving Bearly a massage and Reiki.  It really made a difference.  She came back a couple of days later and used the cold laser on him with the Reiki and massage to promote even more healing.  Bearly is showing good progress and looking forward to his next session.


Gaea, Rainbow Bridge Angel & Radar, Registered Therapy Dog

Jackie’s massages are the BEST, she has such a special touch!  Jackie worked with Gaea they day before she left for the bridge.  When Jackie came in, Gaea was the most excited she had been in quite awhile.


Real Talent!

Spent the afternoon with Jackie.  She worked on all three hounds here.  She started with foster Jabber, then moved to Heath and finished up with Maggie.  They all thoroughly enjoyed their Body Massages with Reiki.  They are all 3 very relaxed and happy!  Thank you Jackie.  You have a real talent!


Chubby – Yorkshire Terrier

Chubby our Yorkie, woke up unable to move his neck without crying out.  Jackie came out that afternoon, even though it was a Sunday.  The next morning he was much better.  We have continued the strokes she showed us, and the difference in just a few days is amazing.


So Thankful

Jackie, I gave your number to a client with an aging Shepard.  I told her what you did for my baby and how amazing you are.  We are giving Jewel her rub downs twice a week the way you showed us.  You have no idea how thankful we are.


Happier Life

Thank you so much for all your loving care with Kyra.  I’m sure your treatments helped her live a much longer and happier life.


Reiki is helping!

I just wanted to let you know Simmons is doing better.  The reiki seems to have helped and he is doing his exercises too.  I have a step we use on the patio and he either has to “back up” and then “step” to get his treat or “sit” and then “step” to get his treat.  He really gets into the exercises.  He doesn’t like to sit more than a few times, so we are going slowly with the sits.  The “step” exercise seems to be helping.  We’ve walked a couple of times in between rains and he can go further before needing to slow down a bit.

Thank you so much!


Blair – 13 year old Greyhound

Good news thanks to Jackie Pinson.  We did two massage for Blair with great results.  And one for her royal highness, empress Catherine.  Catcat loved her bonus time and the love she is giving out is amazing.  Blair has had improved sleep and so much quality in her movement.  She loves her paws done.


Heart of Gold

I have seen this lady work her magic!  She has a Heart of Gold.


Doggie Heaven!

Jackie Pinson wowed me with her outstanding service.  My dog Brownie was in doggy heaven.  Brownie was attacked by an 80lb pit bull mix and ended up with a bruised pulled muscle in her front left leg.  Jackie took Brownie’s stiffness and muscle pain away.  Thanks Jackie for all you do.

Joe Sanchez

Zubie – 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier

Zubie had his skull punctured by a larger dog at the age of 10 weeks. He was diagnosed with a compression fracture. Since then, he has had an ever present tremor in his head and neck, loses his balance while walking and running and sometimes just trips over his own feet. He has a fear of being picked up as it changes his equilibrium and he holds on for dear life with his front paws.

I wanted to be able to help him relax and work on his muscle tone. Jackie came out and worked on/with him for quite a while as well as teaching us how to work on him daily.

I truly believe she has made a difference.  He is less tense; his face looks more relaxed.  His eyes show that he is relaxed and mellowed out.