Services Canine Pawsitive Touch Offers 

Canine Pawsitive Touch offers a variety of services. There are several different types of massage depending on the client’s needs. Over 30 different massage techniques are combined to provide:

  • Invigorating massage for the couch potato
  • Stimulating massage for the canine competitor
  • Energizing massage for the working dog
  • Comforting massage to encourage healing in the sick or injured dog
  • Confidence building massage for rescue that has been abused or neglected.

While the overall aspect of massage is basically the same, different combinations of strokes, combined with varying pressure, passive/active stretches can achieve different goals.

  • Massage:
    • General Wellness/Calming Massage: Routine massage designed to maintain your dog’s overall well-being. It is wonderful both before and after surgery helping to reduce pain, speed healing, and remove toxins from the body.
    • Sports/Athletic Massage: This type of massage is for the athlete in every dog. Your dog need not actively participate in an organized contest to be considered an athlete. He or she may be a working athlete with a career as a Service or Rescue dog. He or she may be a therapy dog, or work with the police in drug or bomb detection. They may be a recreational athlete, devoting their energy to hiking or the backyard and their family.
    • Senior Massage: Massage for these beloved, longtime friends eases stiffness, soothes sore joints, and relaxes tense muscles. It also helps preserve muscle tone, preventing atrophy and promoting better stability when walking and increased range of motion.
  • Cold Laser: Provides much the same benefits as massage thru the use of a cold laser beam. This is very beneficial if a dog is very sore or sensitive in an area that even the lightest massage hurts. Cold Laser is noninvasive. It uses light waves to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation. It can be used to treat dogs with arthritis or tendon or soft tissue
    injuries. The low-level frequency is also wonderful for promoting wound healing. It may be used alone or in conduction with a massage routine unless contraindicated.
  • Reiki: Reiki is a noninvasive, gentle and powerful Japanese healing art that works with the
    body’s own energy to promote healing.
  • Classes: We offer classes specifically aimed at dog parents in the areas of massage for arthritis, and flexibility. These classes can be done in a group setting or individually tailored to a specific dog’s needs.


Initial Assessment/Session……………………..$60.00
45 Minute Subsequent Session………………………$45.00
60 Minute Subsequent Session………………………$60.00

  Specials & Packages 

Six 45-minute sessions for the price of Five…………$225.00
Six 60-minute sessions for the price of Five…………$300.00

Gift Certificates are Available


Canine Pawsitive Touch will never force a dog that isn’t comfortable with the session. Most dogs are willing and enjoy being massaged.  Some however, are hesitant and may take a session or two to fully relax into the routine.

CPT reserves the right to stop your session and charge full session price if your dog puts us at risk of being bitten.

A 24-hour advance notice of cancellation is appreciated.  We will also be happy to reschedule your appointment if our schedule permits.