My name is Rocky.  My mom was going to write about me for Spotlight, but I told her “I” wanted to tell my own story.  I was about a year and half and was owned by a couple with a little boy.  They were not very nice to me.  They would go off on the weekend and leave me without any water or food.  The fence wasn’t fixed and I kept getting out because I was thirsty and hungry.  Unfortunately I cut myself up pretty good on their old fence.  A nice man across the street talked to me every day when he went out to get the mail.  And the lady even talked to my owners about helping me fix the old fence, but they wanted no part of the nice people’s help.  One day when I got out the lady that I liked saw me.  It made her mad that I was bleeding and super thin (I can’t say what she really said, but it wasn’t very nice.)  She took me to her house and cleaned me up and fed me.  She decided to put me in “her” yard with her two dogs.  Everyday my owners saw me there ’cause I was behind a chain link fence but they never came to get me.  They moved two months later and I never saw them again.  I was so rejected.  I couldn’t figure out what I had done that was so wrong.  The lady told me not to be afraid, that she would find me a good home.  Well…. the man and the lady fell in love with me and became my true mom and dad.  It’s been almost 10 years and I have had a wonderful life full of love and care and am a member of a truly loving family.  Over the years, my brother and sister crossed the Rainbow Bridge and worst of all, I lost my dad.  It makes me happy though to know that they were waiting for him at the bridge when he got there.  My mom and I continue to be a family and she takes care of me now that I’m getting a bit older and slower.  I have a new brother that she rescued.  He is a bit of a pain, but not bad for a kid brother.  There are good people in this world and mom is one of them.


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