NY Vinny

NYVinnyNY Vinny

From the first minutes I laid eyes on NY Vinny I was a goner, hook, line & sinker!

Seven months ago, I got the message I had been waiting for.  A greyhound that was OK with cats was coming to Dallas from Amarillo and could I take him to foster?  He had wandered into a garage there in Amarillo weighing only 30lbs with bite marks on his neck looking like perhaps he had been mauled.  I was like a kid at Christmas.  It seemed to take forever for him to get to Preston Park Animal Hospital where I was to pick him up.  The minute he came around the corner I knew he was mine forever.  He had been given the name Vincent by the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT), the group I work with.  While you are fostering, you aren’t supposed to change their name, but he just didn’t fit the name Vincent.  The poor guy had been nicknamed “Skinny Vinny”.  His dada is from NY and I’m from New England, so he became NY Vinny.

From the very first night, it was clear that life as I had known it was no more.  Who knew there had been so much lacking in my life and that parts of it had been totally boring and barren?  Apparently Vinny did and he set about making sure that all was going to change.  He is smart as a whip, with a desire to please as grey as all outdoors.  He learns most things way faster than I can teach him.  We are however, having a disagreement with the concept that ‘most greyhounds don’t bark a lot”.  At the moment, we are compromising and he is learning to whisper.  He opens and closes gates, sits, stays, lies down, comes to “Yo Vinny”, gives you his paw when you say “Right Heah” (gotta have the NY accent), touches, pushes, does “drop it” and “leave it” and is working on several more.  Our goal is to become a therapy team and make hospital/VA visits, be called out to disasters and be part of Ms. Cheryl’s literacy program.  His favorite partner in crime is Ms. Truffle Berner, who is also on the same track.  They go to class together with Ms. Cheryl and it is totally amazing how all the things Tuflie’s mom, Barbara and I have trouble communicating are picked up during a single session with Ms. Cheryl.

Vinny posts on FaceBook regularly through Canine Pawsitive Touch.  He lets me do they typing, but the thoughts are his.  If ever there is a dog with a mission, that looks at life with wonder and as a total adventure, it’s Vinny.  He has a lot to say about his take on things and updates on the foster dogs starting to come through our home.  He has started work on a children’s book that follows some of his adventures and comes full circle with positive twists.