Hola, meet Neve.  A Galgo Espanol or Spanish Greyhound.

Neve had a very long journey to find her furever home.  Possibly a litter of pups born in a field or server drain in Spain.  She miraculously survived on the streets for a year; rescued by her loving foster mum.  She now would begin to learn warmth and love.  Galgos Del Sol funded her while in Spain.  Then brought to the U.S. by the Sighthound Underground.

I had been wanting a greyhound for a very long time.  Recently started applying to different programs and looking at the many choices.  Then I found that pair of eyes that stared into my soul, Neve.  I knew I had to have her, she was the one!  So, I made my journey to Virginia to bring Neve to her furever home in West Virginia.

Neve has been in my life for 6 months now.  She is such an enrichment to me.  Full of spunk and playfulness.  She is an absolute lover and completely affectionate.  She is always by my side looking for fun or a cuddle.  Her very favorite activity is a 2 hour hike at Coopers Rock State Park.  She has become quite the clothes wearing fashonista and resident food connoisseur.  Her role is “Princess”, if you could not tell, which I willingly allow and play along with.  She blends well with four other rescue dogs, two cats and two human sisters.

Bringing Neve into my life has opened my eyes to the Galgo world.  The Galgos are used for hunting in Spain.  Once the season is finished, they are disposed of in unimaginable inhumane ways.  We support and educate for the Galgo cause as often as possible.  We now have friends all over the US and foreign countries.  Very importantly, I have a most special bond, filled with a love I have never had before.  All because of Neve.

Many Thank You’s to Vinny and his mom Jackie for the chance to share!

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