Hopalong CassidyHopalong Cassidy (Cassie)

Born May 2001 & Adopted February 2010

I met my forever mom at the Orvis store in Dallas.  They called me Annie (more on that later).  I was on the second floor, lying on a pillow looking around.  A lady came over and patted my head but I moved it real quick because I was afraid of hands.  She asked about me from the GALT ladies and they told her that I had been “an owner surrender” whatever that means.  To me, it meant that I didn’t have a real home anymore.

You see, I was not a dog that most people wanted.  I had a very hard, sometimes cruel life which left scars on me – both inside and out.  I was first spotted in West Texas as part of a greyhound pack that hunted coyotes for a rancher.  One day while we were out, I broke a bone in my front leg and he wouldn’t take me back home with him.  That rancher left me in the field alone – leg broken – with no person, dog or food or water to be with me.  I was very scared of everything.  I didn’t want to be alone but I was afraid when anyone tried to come up to me – so I stayed alone.

I stayed alone for a long time outside in that field.  There were some nice people who would leave food and water out for me but I would not come to get it until they were gone.  They kept trying to get close to me but I was just so scared.  After a long time, I did let them come closer and closer.  I lived outside all alone for almost a whole year – eating what I could find and what was left out for me and fending for myself.  My broken leg eventually healed but after a long time my feet got all cut up.  I cut my back toes on something and it was a very bad cut.  My food people called some other people and told them about the scared hungry limping greyhound living in the field next to them.  They called me “Annie” because they thought I looked Annie-rexic.

The next day, my food and water were inside the fence instead of outside the fence.  Well, I was hungry, so I went in and ate it.  While I was eating, they shut the gate.  Oh no – now what??  A few hours after, a car pulled up to the fence and guess what?  A lady and a man and A GREYHOUND got out of the car.  They came inside the fence, but I was still too scared.  I ran to the other end of the fence.  The man came over to me real slow, talking to me real low, and just stood there with me.  Then he put a lead over my head and I was caught!  Frozen in place, the lady and the greyhound named Emma came over and just stood with me.  It felt so good to be with another greyhound!!

My new people took me to the animal hospital to see the doctor.  He said that my feet were a mess!  One of my toes was cut real bad and my other toes were all swollen.  He said I needed to go to a big city called Dallas.  I needed to see the doctor immediately about my toes.  Oh, they did hurt so very much.

I came to Dallas and went to see the new doctor.  They tried and tried to make my cut toe better, but it was just too bad.  They had to amputate that toe so that I could get on with my new life.

Eventually, I was adopted by a family that had a pack of greyhounds but it did not last forever.  I lived there for two whole years but then they got a “divorce.”  When that happened, I went back to the greyhound people so they could find me another forever home.  Oh how I wished my next family would want me forever.

And then I was at the Orvis store in Dallas on a Saturday morning to see if anyone would want to take me home forever.  The lady asked about my “personality” and my foster mom told her I was shy but I loved food.  So much that I knocked over the dog food container and tried to eat all 40 pounds of food at once.

Well, that lady just kept looking into my big brown eyes and I think I saw her fall in love.  We went down the elevator (no fun) and drove for a long time.  I was so nervous I farted the whole way.  I was breathing so hard that I fogged up the windows.  We got to a house and a big white greyhound girl ran up to me and was so happy to see me – did I know her??  Her name was Dottie and she loved me right away – even if I wasn’t so sure about her.

This home is just for me and Dottie, and she is a lot of fun to play with.  My family loves me so much I just can’t believe it.  My mom says I am her heart dog (what does that mean?).  She says I will never have to worry about anything again – that she will take care of me for the rest of my life.  I am the luckiest greyhound in the world.