Meet Ginger,

She is a red dapple long haired dachshund, right on the line between a mini and regular doxie.  She was born in the spring of 2009 and from the moment she came home, we know we were done for.  She has the biggest personality and an even bigger tongue!  You know she’s happy to see you when she starts licking your feet/shoes/toes before you even walk in the door.  Ginger was the victim of a ruptured disc in her back resulting in a nearly severed spinal cord last August and has been on the long road to recovery ever since.  The surgeon only thought there was a 25% chance of her ever walking again, but we knew better than that.  Ginger’s hard headed (oops, I meant persistent) attitude meant she wouldn’t let something like a little temporary paralysis keep her down.  With lots of hard work and held from Miss Jackie, our vets, and Ginger’s sisters (Bianca and Bella) she is now able to walk and run again, albeit a little less vigorously than before!  We are extremely grateful that we were able to help Ginger get through this and feel very fortunate to have her in our lives.

~ Victoria and Jason

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