DaisyDaisy (Racing Name DOT CALM)

Daisy and her littermate Emily (EMILY SMOKE) adopted us in May of 2010.  We were failed fosters.  On July 10, 2010 they celebrated their 11th birthday.  Daisy and Emily had been racers, then brood mamas.  They had been adopted, but were returned to Greyhound Senior Sanctuary because they would have accidents on the floor. 

Yes, when they joined our family they peed on the carpet – until they felt comfortable with their surroundings and had established routine.  At that time we were also owned by a big, red fawn boy named Velcro (the name says it all) who was often mistaken for a deer.  We lost Velcro to the dreaded “O” that same July.

Daisy is very calm and laid back.  She doesn’t roo, roach, or play with squeakies or stuffies.  She loves to eat and sleep.  Sister Emily was full of spunk and mischief, the polar opposite of Daisy.  We lost Em to osteo in July 2013, a few days shy of her 14th birthday.

With her sister gone, we were afraid Daisy would retreat even more.  But she loved the added attention she was getting and slowly became more outgoing and affectionate.  Now at age 15, Daisy spends her days “helping” my husband, who works from home.  She can supervise with both eyes closed!  She has arthritis in her back end and can no longer go down the stairs.  Luckily her daddy is big and strong and can carry her down, so she gets to spend the night with us in our room.  She no longer gets up to greet me when I come home from work, but she is still happy to see me.  She gently noses my hand and looks at me with that special look greyhounds have. 

She still tries to do zoomies when it’s potty time, but she stumbles a bit and usually ends up on her butt.  She demands ice cubes in her water bowl and animal crackers at bedtime before she will go lay down.  When she fluffs her blanket she talks and yells at them in a voice that sounds like a moan.  If you didn’t know that was part of her routine you would think she was in terrible pain.  She wears daisies on her collar that her daddy sewed on, and sleeps on a quilt he made for her also.  Yes, she is quite the daddy’s girl!  Maybe because he gives her ice cream??? Hmmmm.

We know Daisy won’t be with us much longer, the odds grow shorter every day.  We know she will let us know in her gentle way and by the expression in her beautiful eyes when she is ready to go to the bridge to reunite with Sister Emily.  Until then, she is our Lazy Crazy Daisy and she rules our house.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We love you, Daisy Dog!

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