I would like to celebrate and share a bit of the life of my little cat Caspie (Casper).  She has been by my side for about 14 years and without a word, has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.  Caspie came to me when she was about two, from a friend and co-worker who had rescued her.  She never left my side.  She was there when I was studying massage in Texas and she even learned how to massage and worked on me every morning.  When I was preparing to record my first CD she would sit in my lap and listen to me play for hours.  She was a healing cat in many ways; she seemed to know when something was wrong and where it was.  She also was attuned to three levels of Reiki.  I called her my little nurse cat.  She was there when I opened the Salon and Day Spa.  She had a special window where she could overlook everything.  Then came her brother Revi, who she learned to love, and they became best buds.  She was with me through three stays in the hospital and nursed me back to health every time.  I will miss her dearly.


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